Morning Session Afternoon Session
Mon 26 June Registration

Keynote Lecture

Tues 27 June Symposium 1: Exploration of yeast biodiversity for industrially relevant traits

Symposium 1B: Hybrid genomes of industrial yeasts: analysis and engineering

Symposium 2A: Engineering novel-to-yeast product pathways

Symposium 2B: Translating research to application

Poster Session

Wed 28 Jun Symposium 3A: New tools for yeast genome engineering

Symposium 3B: New synthetic pathways in yeast

Poster Session

EMBL Lecture

Thurs 29 Jun Symposium 4A: Analysing and engineering regulatory networks in yeast

Symposium 4B: Metabolomics and proteomics of industrial yeasts

Symposium 5: Evolutionary approaches for yeast strain improvement

Closing Keynote Lecture
ICY Business
Meeting Close

Conference Banquet


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