Prof. Steve Oliver

Steve Oliver is Professor of Systems Biology & Biochemistry and Director of the Cambridge Centre for Systems Biology. He gained a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from the University of Bristol followed by a PhD from the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR). Steve held academic positions at the University of Kent, UMIST, and both incarnations of the University of Manchester before moving to Cambridge in 2007.

His research involves both experimental and computational approaches to understanding how living cells work. He started to work on yeast as a graduate student and has studied it ever since. The yeast genome-sequencing project was initiated in his lab in the mid-1980’s when he started to sequence chromosome III. This turned into a major European Project, which eventually led to the sequencing of the entire yeast genome. His work on yeast has led Steve in unexpected directions, such as predicting the impact of gene copy number variation in cancer, constructing models to identify genes important in Alzheimer’s Disease, or using yeast to screen for drugs against parasites.